St Andrews Church Service Sunday 24th May 2020

Happy Ascension Day Everyone! Let us rise, rise, rise.... (special thanks this morning to Georgie, Tilly, Nushy, Nickie, Felix, Clover, Paul and of course...MARK)

St Andrews Church Service Sunday 17th May 2020

Welcome to sacred your still and join with our online community in sharing story...xx Thank you to all our gorgeous folk who helped make this possible.

St Andrews Church Service Sunday 10th May 2020

Rooms and Zooms and of course the Womb...of the mothers and the cosmic Christ..Welcome to sacred space today! Special thanks to Gil, Lesley, Matthew, Paul, Wendy, Anna, Nell and of course Mark our fabulous film maker.

St Andrews Church Service Sunday 3rd May 2020

Salutations! So delighted to share this with you all...Deep thanks to all those who shared their gifts...Very proud of this one. And Thankyou... Thankyou to our film maker and editor Mark xxx

Lament, Good Friday, 2020

‘How lonely sits the city that once was full of people!’ (Lamentations 1:1a).
Not so lonely in the local bakery this morning (allowing for social distancing) – but generally,
yes. Lonely, diminished. Reaching out via Zoom and other means.
The pandemic gives us a lot to lament about – its economic impact as well as the impact on
health. But have we brought it on ourselves with our rapacious approach to nature undermining
biodiversity and facilitating the transmission of diseases from animals to humans? 

(by Derek McDougall) 

Love rise up, by Andrew Johnson

Love rise up
With all your broken and bruised glory ... 

(a poem by Rev Andrew Johnson)


Easter Sunday 2020 Sermon

The Angel says: Do not be afraid
and yet
we live in terrifying times
How can we believe in resurrection when we are still hiding in the tomb?

Easter Sunday 2020 Service

Hello Bravehearts,

We decided to pre record so we could include more voices from our community... Huge shout out to Mark from the Lucas Baker Clan - our in house camera man- who put all the pieces together..Missing you all heaps..Christ Is Risen...this day and all days xxxx

Good Friday 2020 Facebook Live and Sermon

This is not a Good Day, this is not a day where we get to race from the tomb and meet our loved one on the road. This is a day of doing the work
of grieving...