Love rise up, by Andrew Johnson


Love rise up
With all your broken and bruised glory
Not through the efforts
Of the clean and strong limbed power brokers
The wealth makers
And practiced preachers
But round that humble kitchen table
Where she sits weeping
At the picture of her much-mourned husband
Lover, partner, black tea drinker, father to her long-grown children
Love rise up
In her tenacity to keep giving, keep patience, keep faith
And find another moment of sun
With another love worn, grief-creased friend
And share that cup again, so tears may not be wasted
Love rises up
Love rise up
Not in the easy answers, shop tried slogans
Advertising jingles
That give each purse and pocket tingles
But hope found in the daily slog and effort
Of the supermarket cashier,
The nurse, the doctor, the teacher, and the carer
Love poured out in sweat, tired eyes,
and coffee tainted breath.
No picture-perfect moment here,
But hope built brick by brick and minute by minute
In tired, tried and muffled yawn
Shoes worn down in constant tread
And souls given away in a long line of moments choosing care
The daily office of love
The lesson learnt in chores and a chat
Till we are spent
And sleep claim us all
Our tiredness and frayed nerves mixed in a draught of weary wonder
Does love rise again?
And though our energy feels drained
Efforts all spent,
And souls chipped like some Japanese tea pot repaired in gold (we hope),
The mystery is found again,
When we stand around the empty tomb of our efforts
(I have no more to give! We weep…)
And then,
Love rise up
And greets us with the dawn
There is yet more.
Love will always rise up.

By Rev Andrew Johnson