The elevator pitch and the bushfire spin

The Australian Goverment has run with the apathy mandate given to it by the Australian voters...maybe the Bushfires will wake us up.

A New Heaven And A New Earth: Bob Hawke and the lighthouse.

Post election we are left standing on the edge of possibility...Bob Hawke was a lighthouse leader who helped save the Tarkine..what will our new PM do? Every age needs lighthouse leaders...and each of us have a prat to play in the creation of a new heaven and a new earth...

Good Spirit Easter

Come listen to Archie Roach and the Whale Man as they live out a the story of the light in the dark. 
Know what it is to surge up from below.... 
and find out how the very earth
needs resurrection.

I Was Going Too Talk To You Today About Ash

Two wee boys sitting on a couch in NZ, losing their lives to hatred. 
The recognition that we are all but dust and ashes.
And grace.
Always grace.

Breaking Patterns in Broken relationships

Joseph gets what he has coming...doesn't he?
An ancient story of trauma and forgiveness and about how the holy spirit can help break the cycle...