Youth Justice Act and the sin within


Earth Sunday and apparently creation is good and yet we continue to frack for fuel and folk flee conflict in a world desperate for resources...but there is a Good News...and its all about POWER

Getup is telling us to get ready

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Get Up is telling us to ‘Get Ready’ ...

Love Makes A Way is telling us to ‘Get Ready’

The Son of Man is telling us to ‘Get Ready’

So…are you…ready…?

The black Diggers and the new ending of Mark

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We all like a happy ending....but sometimes we have to give up the hope for a better past...A message to the writers of the 'new' ending of the Gospel of Mark and to all Australian's as we come to terms with the truth of our history on Anzac day.

Ebola and the mother of night

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Exploring what it means to 'love the lord your god with all your heart' when our neighbours in Africa are being struck down with Ebola.

Was Abraham a company "yes man" for God?


It's International Refugee week, a 99 year old woman has just been released into community detention and Hagar is abandoned in the desert. What is your response to an unethical request...?

The surprise is that he forgives her at all....

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Lets have a little chat about internalized sexism. In Luke's famous story the woman asks for forgiveness..but maybe it should be we who collectively say sorry Luke 7:36-50