Community and how it makes everything possible

Angels are all around us, in the most unexpected of places...and sometimes, like with Mary long ago, they give us the courage to be the Braveheart of the world...

Asking for help

We struggle to admit vulnerability yet the world only changes when we ask each other for help....

Sky Sunday

Breath - we all need it- but why do we focus on the first and the last and pay so little attention to the ones in between? 
How do we help each other to truly learn how to breathe.....?

Humanity Sunday

Have we come to the end of the holocene and entered the age of the Anthropocene? What would it mean to become servants rather than masters of creation? And what can we learn from the love of 'Silent Spring'?

What can we learn from the Lindworm myth?

Four more women murdered and its time to look at the darkness within. What does St Paul tell us about interconnection and being 'the body'?

Marriage equality and the Uniting Church

Its a terrible thing, to be lonely, to feel that you have no home. But God tells us that we are all part of the one family...we are all beloved, we are all equal...

How do we bind the strongman?

How do we bind the strong man... and who is he anyway? Devil, empire or shadow self....whichever you choose... there is work to be done.

Time to stand up in the boat

Time to stand up in the boat: fighting trump’s evil regime.. we can do this together.