If a buttercup falls from the dictionary

Forest butterfly

If we lose our language of place and space do we also lose our soul? And can our politicians wake up before the next election? And is it too late?

Being made whole through gratitude


Exploration of Luke 17:11-19.

When was the last time you said 'thank-you'? When was the last time questioned how the universe works? When was the last time you gazed into new life and said -YES?

Ballarat Survivors and the Resurrection

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Can we see new life in the darkness of abuse and despair?

Can we see the light of Easter in the journey to Rome of the Ballarat Survivors?

Transfiguration and the Declaration of Sanctuary


All it would take is a stroke of the pen for Turnbull to reverse the fates of the families awaiting to be deported to Manus and Nauru.

How can we rediscover a way of seeing the 'truth' in our choices.

 A 'seeing' of the wonder? 

A 'seeing' of love?


It's such a perfect day

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The only way the world is going to change is when we start listening to our home grown prophets....What do Obama and Adam Goodes have in common?

Do you think suffering will gain your soul?

Progressive Podcast

Exploration of Luke 21:5-19

How are we to grapple with a suffering as deep as the grief of the Phillipines? Is it time to get off your couch….?

Angels and demons in Mark


Why do we take so seriously Christ’s worldview of morality and yet so quickly we dismiss his ‘other’ world view - that of the Spirit. So what do you believe in? Angels? Demons? Listen in and explore Jesus first act of ministry in the Gospel of Mark....

Ignorant Armies Clash by Night


Its Christ the King Day...again...pity the poor Pope an his attempt at branding Jesus and ask yourself the question...'Who do you serve?

Rewilding - How feral can you get?

RewildingSt Francis danced naked down the street, wolves roam in Yellowstone National park and there's a new environmental movement in town! Are you ready to make radical change to bring about justice for God's earth......?