An extravagant God

Shaman’s, Matthew Fox and the extravagant God.

Kneel - 65,000 years of God with us

Discovery in cave brings the Mirrar people home and Jacob gives hope to those of us who struggle.


Why do we need to seperate ourselves by going up, or our or away?
Whats does it mean when the box of air becomes the box of fire?
And how do we respond as people of faith to the Greenfell Tower Tragedy…?

Abortion ships and royal commissions

What do we do with all this darkness...?
King David said 'Yes'.
Jesus said 'No'.
What do we say....?

The Tyrant and the Hope

What happens when the Tyrant takes over?
How can we imagine there is blessing in grief?
And what has a massacre in Melbourne and Trump's battle cry have in common?

Thou shalt not be a bystander


If God was to be born today...where would God be born? Allepo perhaps? And why does Peter Duttonn want to sing songs about a child fleeing bloodshed but not do anything about the kids that Australia is locking up...?

Trump, Triumph and the better song to sing

Ruins%2C Castle Carr   19877

In the Gospel of Luke Jesus tells us that "It's all coming down".
But whose tower is really tumbling and how do we not lose heart?

Donald Trump and the Rise of the Shadow

Donald Trump August 19%2C 2015 %28cropped%29

The prophet Jeremiah wants to smash and does Donald Trump...what is it that attracts us to their wild energy?

Psychic numbing and the choice of pain

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There are 10 lepers and all are healed but only one is made well....When have you chosen the path of pain so that you too made be made whole again?