Living with fear

Last Sunday I attended Men’s Work, a men’s group that Anthony has run for several years now. We talk about men’s issues and how we deal with them. I was not game to physically attend. I attended by Zoom.

Psalm 23 & Me

The elevator pitch and the bushfire spin

The Australian Goverment has run with the apathy mandate given to it by the Australian voters...maybe the Bushfires will wake us up.

A New Heaven And A New Earth: Bob Hawke and the lighthouse.

Post election we are left standing on the edge of possibility...Bob Hawke was a lighthouse leader who helped save the Tarkine..what will our new PM do? Every age needs lighthouse leaders...and each of us have a prat to play in the creation of a new heaven and a new earth...

Good Spirit Easter

Come listen to Archie Roach and the Whale Man as they live out a the story of the light in the dark. 
Know what it is to surge up from below.... 
and find out how the very earth
needs resurrection.