How do we bind the strongman?

How do we bind the strong man... and who is he anyway? Devil, empire or shadow self....whichever you choose... there is work to be done.

Time to stand up in the boat

Time to stand up in the boat: fighting trump’s evil regime.. we can do this together.

Elder Abuse Awareness Day

It was World Elder Abuse awareness day and Australia denies our eldest refugee on Nauru palliative care…can we learn to be like the mustard tree, can we shelter the vulnerable in our branches?

Smashing temples, smashing gun lobby's and changing the world

Once upon a time there was an angry young man.... What can we learn from righteous rage and speaking truth to power? What can we learn from theatre kids in America as they stand up and name their truth? What can we do with our own feelings of helplessness and rage?

All Souls and Euthanasia

All Souls invites us to remember and let go…but what are the proposed euthanasia laws asking us to do?

Same Sex marriage, The continuous Reformation and the Mystical Christ.

500 years since Luther nailed his truth to the door. So what have we gained and what have we lost....and what needs reforming still? UCA Clergy weep as our church refuses to take a stand on marriage equality and rabbi's and buddists lock on at the Adani Blockade. The Reformation goes on....