St Andrews Church Service Sunday 18th October

What does it mean to have enough?
What does it feel like to always need more?
What would it be like to give it away and to keep on giving?
What does it mean to give to Caesar what is Ceasers?
What is left for God?
Many thanks to Mark, Paul, Andreana, Imogen, Kat, Indigo, Grace, Natalie, Ian and Marshall.

St Andrews Church Service Sunday 11th October

Can a tree be your shepherd?

Or a politician or a cleaner?

Can we be the shepherds...for each other?

Many thanks to Mark and Sharon and Indigo and Anthony and Anna and Paul.

St Andrews Church Service Sunday 4th October

Today we celebrate St Francis and all things wiggly and wild.It’s time to plant a new vineyard and work out what we really value.

With thanks to Mark, Ange, Anndreana, Mark Dingle, Poppy and Anna.

St Andrews Church Service Sunday 20th September

Does God keep score?
Can we ever return home?
4 voices.
1 story....
Lets watch.
Also...Thanks to Heather, Mark, Indigo, Rev John and Rev John (!) Andreanna, Paul, Pearl and Ian and Georgie xxx

St Andrews Church Service Sunday 13th September

In times of exile, everybody wants a hero.
Be careful what you wish for folks...
the time of the warrior king god needs to end.
With thanks to Mark, Indigo, Jill and the Ridley Kids and Janice and Grace and the delightful Ms Pearl.

St Andrews Church Service Sunday 6th September

The Christchurch verdict opens us up to questions of forgiveness and evil outside of comprehension...what can our faith offer into this space?
With thanks to Louise and the boys, Georgie, Mark, Indigo, Tilly and Kirsty and Peter and Leichardt Uniting Church

St Andrews Church Service Sunday 30th August 2020

Moses said YES to Holy Fire,  Adrian Burragubba says NO to Adani, time to decide what your faith 
is all about....  Huge thanks today to Helen (by the sea), Tilly and Eli (in the bush) and the rest of us (in the stinking city) Mark, Ange, Boyd and Indigo.

St Andrews Church Service Sunday 23rd August 2020

Jesus tells us that we are his rock...but some of us are not feeling so steady 3 weeks into Stage 4. Courage my friends...together we are strong.

With thanks to Terry, Nell, Chris, Fay, Mark, Indigo and Alisha xxx

St Andrews Church Service Sunday 16th August 2020

Oh Jesus: lamb of god,
good shepherd, man of sorrows,
singer of songs of justice...
Oh Jesus...racist?

Let's see what one good woman, amongst many, has to say, on this day, to us all With thanks to Rabbi Brian, Cristy, Barry, Indi, Derek, Mark, Grace and the beautiful Clover for her sweet, sweet song.

St Andrews Church Service Sunday 9th August 2020

This week we pray for Beirut, we welcome Nicki to the pulpit and we reflect on miracles  and wild water. Thanks to Mark, Georgie, Grace and Grace (!), Ginger, Indigo and Leslie and of course our preacher Nicki.